Welcome to A Will for Peace,

I’m Anna and I  started this blog as a place for anyone searching for insight, inspiration, and connection. It’s a place where my thoughts often wonder to because I love to write and believe it’s important to share one’s experiences and reflections with others not only for my own benefit but also for the benefit of others. 

This blog is separated into three sections – Inspiration, Writing Challenges, and Tarot.

The Inspiration section contains writings centered around my experiences with mental illness, healing, and psychology related musings.

The Writing Challenges section is a place where I’ve posted my responses to other blog site’s writing prompts. Links to where these prompts can be found are contained in the posts.

The Tarot section contains my learnings and reflections on this ancient and mysterious system of cards. I’ve been studying and practicing Tarot for less than a year and I’m glad to have discovered it again after many years.

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